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Melanie Ho is a senior consultant at the Advisory Board Company, a best practice research firm in Washington, DC that serves 550+ college and university executives nationwide. She recently led the new product development process for the launch of the Continuing and Online Education (COE) Forum, the Advisory Board's newest service in higher education, providing strategic research and market intelligence to deans and other executives overseeing continuing, professional, and online education. As the Forum’s lead researcher, her recent studies have explored continuing education organizational models, adult student retention, and emerging standards in corporate partnerships.

Dr. Ho's research in continuing, professional, and online education draws upon her previous work serving the Advisory Board’s provost and chief business officer memberships, as well as on-campus experience spanning academic and business affairs. Prior to joining the Advisory Board, Dr. Ho received her PhD in English from UCLA, where she also chaired the board of directors of ASUCLA, the $75-million, self-supporting organization that operates the bookstores, restaurants, and trademarks and licensing at UCLA. She also served on faculty committees, including the Executive Committees of the College of Letters and Science and the English Department.

Dr. Ho earned the UCLA Academic Senate’s Distinguished Teaching Award for her innovative instructional design, especially incorporating problem-based learning and technology into the introductory literature curriculum. In addition to teaching undergraduate literature courses, she designed and taught a popular freshman seminar on “UCLA in the 1960s,” the first known class to be taught on UCLA history. Outside of the traditional classroom setting, she also she developed and taught a summer writing workshop in the School of Public Health for master's-trained adult students pursuing careers in cancer research.Dr. Ho also facilitated a bimonthly seminar for the Bruin Leaders Project, a campus program through which undergraduates can earn credit toward the university’s new civic engagement minor. She was profiled in the UCLA Graduate Quarterly as one of "UCLA's Best T.A.s" in 2008.

Dr. Ho has published articles in The Chronicle of Higher Education [availble here] and Inside Higher Ed [available here]. Her doctoral dissertation examined how the categorization of American fiction into “highbrow” vs. “middlebrow” has been shaped by trends in higher education organization and academic culture.


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